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Step into the intriguing world of Jelaine Lombardi through this exclusive interview by Martin Lenkowsky for the New Pelican Writer. As a retired neonatal ICU nurse and the author of Running Around Naked, A Memoir, Lombardi candidly shares her extraordinary upbringing in a Davie nudist camp. Delve into the complexities of her dual identity, the fond memories of communal living, and her decision to step away in her twenties. The article provides a glimpse into Lombardi’s captivating life, inviting readers to explore her memoir, available on Amazon, and discover a narrative that goes beyond societal norms.

Book Review

According to Martin Lenkowsky from the New Pelican Writer, Jelaine Lombardi’s memoir stands out as “more than just a memoir but a piece of living history.” Lenkowsky applauds Lombardi’s storytelling, finding it both engaging and remarkably real. He notes, “The dichotomy between the carefree nudist camp and the judgmental outside world is explored with sensitivity.”

Lenkowsky appreciates Lombardi’s candid accounts of nude plays, beauty pageants, and the 1970s-80s nudist movement. The review highlights Lombardi’s writing style, describing it as diary-like but engaging, with “compelling characters, short chapters, and enjoyable prose.”

Summing up the memoir as a “unique and enriching read,” Lenkowsky recommends it for those seeking a captivating exploration of an unconventional coming-of-age experience. The review concludes with, “Lombardi’s memoir promises charm, humor, and a delightful journey through a distinct chapter of her life.”


In this podcast episode, host Lida Hoffman delves into Jelaine Lombardi’s journey of overcoming imposter syndrome and completing her memoir, totaling an impressive 117,000 words.

The conversation navigates through the intricacies of memoir writing, touching on Lombardi’s self-publishing experience and the invaluable support writers can offer one another. A highlight of the episode is the candid discussion about life growing up in a nudist park, providing a unique perspective on Lombardi’s forthcoming memoir, “Running Around Naked.”

The episode covers “ALL. THE. THINGS!” — from the memoir-writing process to the nuances of self-publishing — it promises an engaging and insightful exploration of Lombardi’s writing journey.

For those eager to connect with Jelaine, the podcast reveals her favorite hangouts: Facebook groups like Aspiring Memoir Writers, Memoir Mentors, and Happy Writing. Tune in for an intimate conversation with a self-proclaimed writer, as Lombardi opens up about her writing experience and the upcoming release of her memoir.


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